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AlmaToolBox® is AlmavivA solution for DevOps-oriented integration: a mixture of technologies, IT tools and Change Management activitivies on organizations to develop software products and services in a never-seen-before fast and efficient way.


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Our offering



Our Teams are ready to take AlmaToolBox® within your Company:
you will be able to correctly activate the solution in a short time according to AlmavivA DevOps Maturity Model methodology.



AlmaToolBox® is also available in a Platform-as-a-Service mode:
you can request a set of "tailored" services with no costs for infrastructure and complex management systems.

Why AlmaToolBox?

AlmaToolBox® enables the whole life-cycles management of applications, by covering any and all potential needs of governance, tracing, automation, problem forecast and DevOps-oriented cooperation between development and operation. It provides both technological and support elements for team and organization change activities, allowing to benefit from a 360° exhaustive DevOps solution.
AlmaToolBox® enables the harmonization of Agile and Scrum with less flexible contractual or process rules, as well as their coordination within complex enterprise schemes where multiple practices and standards co-exist (ITIL, CMMI, etc.). It provides with tools easy to adapt to different environments, making overall adapatability much easier.
AlmaToolBox® is an integration platform: it only activates products, modules, services and solutions providing value to a reference context, enabling the achievement of expected results with the best balance between wished features and borne costs.

The Big Vision

AlmaToolBox® integrates market products, OpenSource tools and middleware,
custom SW modules, and implements an Open organization model based on:
  • a wide and dynamic network of technological partnerships with IT Market-leading players
  • a Community engaged on the elaboration of AlmaToolBox® Community Edition Project OpenSource modules
  • a portfolio of already-using-AlmaToolBox® Customers providing with constant growth opportunities for the solution, through their continuous requests.

Our success stories

Our success stories

AlmaToolBox® has already been chosen and successfully adopted by Gov. bodies as well as large private companies. Our HyperCED® hosts an instance of AlmaToolBox® delivering services to about 500 application platforms.

A few examples?

Why AlmavivA?

AlmaToolBox® is one of AlmavivA offering best-of-breed solutions.
It features all best-of-breed features resulting from the expertise of AlmavivA
Group, the Italian leading System Integrator within Information & Communication Technology.



AlmavivA re-engineers and integrates complex systems with emerging technologies, through the adoption of software development service and process of excellence, as well as cloud computing. Its exhaustive IT service offering based on certified technological infrastructures and unique skills in Italy grant business continuity, data privacy and security feature.



AlmavivA leads the digitalization and technological innovation process of the Country, through outstanding operation and methodological-based expertise gained through decades of activity. AlmavivA has adopted high quality standards, and achieved the most important international certifications.



From a methodological point of view, in order to offer best results to Customers, AlmaToolBox® adopts a process model organized into increasing maturity levels, shifting through levels by implementing Forrester CALMSS model: Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurement & Management, Sharing, Sourcing.

our Partners

Fore the development of AlmaToolBox® AlmavivA has established strategic partnerships with international IT leading players.
Among "AlmaToolBox® Certified Partner Ready" programme partners there are already several best-of-breed market DevOps providers.

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In progress

In Progress

AlmaToolBox® 2016 version includes several news
for both the Community Edition and Enterprise version.

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